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With a series of chuckles and familiar “ho, ho, hos,” Santa announced his arrival Friday at the Trower Center, where members of the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club celebrated their annual Christmas party.
Screams of joy erupted followed by hug upon hug, and suddenly the celebration really started rolling.
As Santa strode to his seat by the colorfully-lit Christmas tree, the kids squirmed anxiously in their seats.
Who would be the first to visit?
That would be Kevin Chavez, 7, who confidently jumped into Santa’s lap and spilled what he wanted on the Big Day.
“It’s amazing,” Kevin had said earlier. Surrounded by pals, he was having a grand old time feasting on ham and all the fixings and swapping jokes.
Luis Domingues, 8, also enjoyed the camaraderie.
“I think it’s really great to spend time with friends,” he said, of the event.
Jose Franco, 7, was direct with his feelings.
“It’s good,” he enthused. “We’re getting presents. I want a LEGO Batman.”
“I want a dinosaur,” Luis chimed in.
Omar Aragon, 6, had different wishes.
“I want a toy that I can drive and Hot Wheels,” he advised.
For their part, club leaders said they were merely happy to share a final moment of fun with the kids and their families at Christmas.
Santa, too, was excited.
“I’m happy to be here,” he said, before taking up his duties as Chief Toy Deliverer and spreader of seasonal happiness.
Club kids still have more to do before Christmas Day, including delivering Christmas dinner to two families and toys throughout the community next week.

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