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Building A NEW Clubhouse.

At the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club, we believe that every child deserves a safe and supportive place to spend their out-of-school time, a place that offers life-enhancing experiences, opportunities, and hope for their future. Since we opened 18 years ago, we have made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of Solano County youth. Despite rapid growth, our Club sites cannot meet the need of many more kids who have no place to go after school. We propose a bold $4.5 million capital campaign to build a new, 8000 square-foot Clubhouse vastly expanding our capacity to inspire and empower Vacaville’s youth.

Our Proposed Facility:
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Building An Opportunity to Serve More Kids

Now more than ever, kids need a safe and enriching place to find continuity, support, and resilience through unchartered times. 72% of our youth feel safer at the Club compared to other places they hang out. This need is especially critical and further exposed by the pandemic and challenges for distance learning support. The Club fills that gap, but we have reached the full capacity of our current facilities and the number of children on our waiting list continues to grow. Now is the time to expand our facilities to meet this critical need and serve more kids.

Building a Place to Strengthen & Grow  Our Programs

Our life-changing programs help cultivate young leaders who are confident, compassionate, and community-oriented. Our trained and dedicated staff serve as strong role models and mentors to our youth, helping them set and achieve their goals while gaining valuable life skills to prepare them for the world. A new facility, designed specifically for the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club will allow us to strengthen our current core learning programs while also growing programs to encourage our kids’ creativity and expand their horizons.


Building Futures & Inspiring the Community

We believe that every young person deserves a Great Future. By helping our youth develop character today, we set them on the path to have a positive impact and play a major role in our community’s future. 75% of our youth believe there are fun programs at the Club and 92% feel encouraged to make positive choices. Building a new home base for the VNBGC is not just building a place of brick and mortar, it’s building a place for stability, acceptance, inclusion, diversity, and success. We are building for the future of our Club, the future of our kids, and the future of our community, and hope that you’re inspired to BUILD BRIGHTER FUTURES.

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