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That sums up the atmosphere at the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club Friday as dozens of youths swarmed the Easter basket-laden Vacaville firefighters outside.
Cheering and chattering, they happily accepted the giant presents, compliments of the Baskets of Hope project, and gathered with friends to unwrap the baskets and enjoy the gifts inside.
“I got an Easter bunny (plush), a chocolate bunny and a book. And I have chalk and I have bubbles,” advised 6-year-old Jayden Malveaux as he adjusted his black and white striped hooded jacket and hugged his basket.
Asked what his favorite item was, he quickly pointed it out.
“The book,” he said. “Because I do good coloring.”
Alyssa Hurley, 11, tore the cellophane from her basket to reveal its cool contents.
“I got a chocolate bunny, some candy, these sticks (colorful Pixie Sticks),” she said. “I mostly got candy.”
Alyssa was thankful for her Easter gifts and for the people who gave them to her community.
“I think I’m really proud of it,” she said, of the event. “I’m surprised (people) would do this for us.”
Sarah Quintero, 7, also shared her thoughts.
“I’m really thankful that they took the time to do this for us,” she said, clutching her new plush friends. “I’m sure some people might have had an emergency and needed to go to the hospital and they still took the time to do this.”
Vacaville firefighters on scene assured that other crews were at the ready to handle such cases.
They also expressed pride in the event, which has been an annual thing for many years now.
“It’s nice to see the smiles on kids’ faces and bring joy to the kids on this holiday,” shared Firefighter/Paramedic David Beene.
The firefighters left extra baskets for youths who weren’t able to make the day’s event before taking off for a local park, where they would distribute the remaining Easter goodies.

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