2017 Bowl-A-Thon Team Package (134 downloads)

 We are looking for teams to compete in the most fun fundraiser in 2017! Each team is to consist of 5 players and the team fee is $500 – which can be raised by business sponsors or individual pledges. Even if your team is sponsored, the player who raises the most pledges wins 10 tickets to an A’s game this summer (game choices TBA). This year’s bowl theme is “SPORTS” so dress as your favorite sport, team, player or legend! Bowlers/teams compete for individual and team trophies.


Highest scorer                                                 Highest team score                             Bio Tech Cup

Lowest scorer                                                  Lowest team score                              City Cup

Most strikes                                                    Best dressed team                              Financial Cup

Most gutter balls                                            Most spirited team                             Public Safety Cup

Best dressed bowler                                       Most money raised                             Service Cup

Most spirited bowler                                                                                                  Talking Trash Cup

Most money raised (3)

Here’s what happens when you participate in the Bowl-A-Thon:

WHAT YOU GET                                 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW…

  • 2 games                                                               Dress up and have a great time!
  • Shoe rental                                                         Only the first game will be scored
  • Pizza & soda                                                       Alcoholic beverages available at the Stars bar
  • Chance to win great raffle prizes               Raffle tickets are available at $20/arm’s length
  • (tickets sold throughout the event)         Raffle winners posted before end of the second game


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