Executive Director’s Message

When the bell rings, schools are out but the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Clubs (VNBGC) are in. Unfortunately, 1/3 of Vacaville’s kids have no place to go leaving them at risk of being unsupervised, unguided, and unsafe. The definition of “at risk” is no longer defined as just low income or underserved youths. We know all too well that children in middle and upper income families deal with just as many social and personal issues.

Ensuring a safe, productive place for kids to spend out-of-school time is vital. Our goal at The Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club is to inspire our youth to believe in themselves and to enhance their lives through the programs brought to them by our compassionate staff. We provide Vacaville’s youth with life-changing programs that develop a desire for learning and we believe that every young person deserves a great future. As the children, ages 6-18, go back to school, our Club is ready to step in and address many of the issues our young people face.  By engaging our youth in positive role-play through our SMART MOVES program, we provide them with decision- making skills that will one day save lives. By exposing them to technology, we give them the skills needed to ensure they are not left behind. By helping our youth develop character today, we guarantee that they will have a positive impact and play a major role in our communities tomorrow.

The Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club is one of the most influential youth development organizations in our community and our vision is that all Club members graduate from high school with a plan for the future, demonstrating good character and citizenship, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Since our opening in October 2003, we have served over four thousand youth. Community investments and strong leadership have been the driving catalysts of the Club although we have not been immune to hard economic times. We know that with continued community involvement and support as well as strong leadership we will be able to give Vacaville’s most disadvantaged youth the opportunity to be successful in life, regardless of their life situation.  Together, we can help a child increase in confidence, create possibilities, and inspire hope for a brighter future.


Executive Director
Anna Eaton  

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